Shams Uddin

Mr. Shams Uddin is a final year student of International Relations. He holds strong expertise in varying fields of knowledge ranging from politics, literature, history, and philosophy. He has worked as a freelance writer for over two years.

The Contemporary Challenges Facing the Political System in Syria

Written by Shams Uddin 7:15 pm

The Syrian Arab Republic has a complicated stratification of ethnic groups, and strict constitutional boundaries for voting, the nomination of political parties, and elections. Equally confusing is the distribution of power, with the presidential autonomous structure of the political system. This system serves as an example of one of the most complex and intricate forms of democracy in the world, leading to a lack of options for any new political stakeholders to gain power. Keeping that complexity in sight, this paper identifies and analyses the contemporary political challenges that are being faced by the political system in Syria.
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