Sidra Azeem

Sidra Azeem is a third-year student of Internation Relations at the National University of Modern Languages. She can be reached at [email protected].

China and Iran’s Relations: New Allies on the Block

Written by Sidra Azeem 10:47 am

The new strategic partnership between China and Iran will not only enhance Sino-Iran relations but also transform the geopolitical structure of Asia. This partnership will seek to develop Iran’s economy and infrastructure; it will also enable China to buy oil from Iran at discounted prices. India and the United States, however, view this blossoming relationship negatively.
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18th Amendment to the Constitution: Pakistan’s Dilemma

Written by Sidra Azeem 5:35 pm

The 18th amendment to the constitution of Pakistan has subjected the state to a predicament. Although the articles amended are quite admirable, the author despairingly notes that no proper way is suggested to implement the highlighted provisions. She further elaborates that while it has delegated power to the provinces, it has also made the center weaker.
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World Interfaith Harmony Week: Celebrating Differences

Written by Sidra Azeem 10:48 am

Religious, ethnic, and cultural intolerance has become a common occurrence. Each passing year sees a greater need for interfaith harmony and tolerance.
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