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Farmaish: Shaping Customer Service in Pakistan

Farmaish, a concierge customer service startup, aims to help customers with simplifying their shopping experience. For the residents of Karachi, Farmaish brings you the convenience of buying and delivering products from the comfort of your homes – and the service is just a WhatsApp message away!
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Farmaish is a conversational commercial marketplace startup in Karachi. It is involved in the process of buying and delivering products and services effortlessly while bringing accountability, reliability, and transparency to its customers.

If you live in Karachi, you would know how hectic life can get here. From driving to walking in markets, it can get tiring and exhausting. On top of that, you have to stand in line, argue with shopkeepers and make sure that the products you are buying are genuine. Realizing these issues and during the fiasco of Covid-19, Farmaish was born.

In Pakistan, where the definition of customer service and satisfaction is sorely lacking and customers are at the mercy of businesses, Farmaish wanted to stand out with its customer-centric approach.

At Farmaish, our core values revolve around delivering outstanding service and guaranteeing the utmost customer satisfaction. To date, we have been successful in delivering what we promised, and we have managed to build a brand with customers at the heart of everything we do. Furthermore, we take pride in ‘being there for you’ from delivering essentials in the strictest lockdown to delivering essentials during the torrential rain.

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It started with a simple idea, “anything you want over WhatsApp,” and now it has been three years since we have been running a business with customers at the heart of the organization and fulfilling needs and wants.

Over the years of purchasing from different suppliers from different markets, we have developed very strong relationships that allow us to have fair and transparent prices and a wide variety of products. We essentially built our business over two core values: reliability and convenience.

With crumbling local infrastructure, navigating through Karachi roads is becoming more and more cumbersome. Therefore, people rely on different options to run their errands: house help, rider services, and various online stores are common options. Such services are great until something specific is required, something unique, something not readily available, something customized.

In short, a vacuum exists for someone who can understand your order, get you anything you want, someone who considers your order as their own, turn a picture or a text description into reality, and even suggest you a better product or brand, helping you make a more informed purchase decision.

We visit 20 markets daily from Empress Market to Gul-Plaza from Imtiaz to Springs from Hobnob to Dolmen Mall to source your products. We can get your daily grocery, medicines, gifts, and the list can go on forever.

What sets us apart is the simplicity of our service. There’s no need to download an app or navigate through a complicated process. Just reach out to us with a simple hello on WhatsApp, and we’ll be at your service.

With Farmaish, you can finally say goodbye to congested Karachi traffic and unreliable services, and say hello to convenience and peace of mind. We started with an audacious goal—to create the most customer-centric business in Pakistan—and we are well on track to achieve that.

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