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Manisha Ropeta, Pakistan’s First Hindu Woman DSP

It was a moment of pride and honour for Pakistan when the first Hindu female, Manisha Ropeta, became the Deputy superintendent of police (DSP). She has caused another crack in the glass ceiling in the police service of Pakistan, empowering both women and religious minorities.
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Everyone’s eyes were out on stalks as Manisha Ropeta made it to the commanding position in Sindh Police. She is also the first Hindu woman to be at such a senior rank, standing at the 16th position among 468 candidates. DSP Manisha Ropeta splintered the stereotype of society by becoming the Deputy superintendent of police (DSP) in a male-dominated profession.

The 26-year-old belongs to a deserted place in Sindh, Jacocabad, where it is not normal for girls to attend high school. The main inspiration behind her decision to join the Police as a DSP was to protect women’s rights.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where women are victims of sexual abuse, domestic violence, honor killings, and forced marriages. In 2022, according to the report of the World Economic Forum, Pakistan ranked 145th among 146 countries on the Gender Parity Index, and in Asia, it’s only better than Afghanistan.

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The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan recorded 430 cases of honor killings in 2020, which involved 263 female victims and in 2021, 53 cases of gang rape were reported in Punjab. In addition, a Pakistani NGO, Aurat Foundation, working for women’s rights, reported that 70% of women faced domestic violence.

Manisha Ropeta belongs to a middle-class family with all her siblings in medicine. She believes senior female police officers can encourage other women to stand against those who violate their rights. A society like ours needs more females like DSP Manisha Ropeta to give a ray of hope to underprivileged women.

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