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Safarjee: The New Way to Book Travels in Pakistan!

Two travel enthusiasts, Farhan Nadeem and Moazzam Ahmed, present to you a one-stop website called Safarjee. This website will act as a haven, not only for the travelers but also for the travel operators. Having identified the lack of a comprehensive platform to facilitate the travel industry, Safarjee provides a one-stop-solution to customize travel itineraries and packages for each destination.
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Safarjee seeks to digitalize the tourism sector and create new business opportunities for existing and new vendors in the tourism sector.

Pakistan, our homeland, is a treasure trove of natural wonders. Up north, there are mountains, lush valleys, and breathtaking glaciers in Gilgit Baltistan. The journey to KPK takes us to the serene Swat Valley, with its clear lakes and peaceful meadows. In Punjab, golden wheat fields and historic landmarks await. Finally, the stunning beaches and mangroves, not to mention Astola Island, along the shores of Sindh and Balochistan.

Beautiful views of Skardu, Hunza, and Kashmir (heaven on earth) attract people from all over the country and from abroad as well, proving just how much tourism potential Pakistan has.

The local travel industry in Pakistan is huge and only expanding, with over 150 local travel agents operating only in Karachi. While there is a huge demand when it comes to tours and traveling in Pakistan, unfortunately, there’s still a gap in how these demands will meet the supply. This creates a lot of trouble for both vendors and travelers alike.

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When it comes to online booking options, we have very limited options. Customers have no way to reach out to vendors except through conventional Facebook offerings or connecting through WhatsApp; relying only on word of mouth and having to call multiple vendors directly to get the pricing and travel plans. Vendors, on the other hand, have no platform for putting out their offerings for their potential customers except for very limited travel sites and Facebook pages.

At Safarjee, we are on a mission to solve the problems currently faced by the travel industry in Pakistan with the help of technology. It is a marketplace that brings together multiple traveling and tour options all in one place. You can easily find your favorite destinations, search travel plans with itineraries, compare different packages with prices, and complete your order with online payment.

Our customer support team is always available to help you along the way, ensuring a 10/10 experience. Safarjee has already onboarded 7 best travel operators from Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad and has listed multiple travel options for destinations like Swat, Kashmir, Skardu, Naran, Neelum Valley, Fairy Meadows, Hunza, Kund Malir, Gorakh Hills, and many more starting from as low as PKR 6,500.

Don’t like the listed trip options already available on the website? You can simply BYOT (build your own trip) on the site and customize the trip according to your travel preferences. Safarjee will provide you with multiple customize quotations from multiple vendors so you can compare and choose at once.

Also, travel vendors can now easily sign up on the Safarjee website to reach a wider audience without any hassle, share the trip details, manage the tours, and update their latest offerings. Most importantly, travel vendors can create their digital presence without investing in any tech or upfront costs.

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Safarjee was created by two young travel enthusiasts, Farhan Nadeem and Moazzam Ahmed, who wanted to create a platform for all travel enthusiasts out there. Emerging from the technological age, they took the initiative to use tech for the evergreen travel industry of Pakistan. So, fellow travel enthusiasts, let’s embark on unforgettable journeys and embrace the wonders of our homeland.

You, too, can also contribute to making Safarjee a top travel site in Pakistan by giving your suggestions and feedback on our Facebook community.

Visit our website and start planning your dream trip today. Happy travels!

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