Abdul Majeed

Abdul Majeed is a political researcher with special interests in international relations and economics. A businessman by profession, he derives his understanding of political affairs from his active public life experiences as a former member of the Youth Parliament of Pakistan, former International Representative of JLC Student Union, former Postgraduate Executive of the Warwick Student Union, and as the former Head of Punjab for Rotaract (Youth Wing of Rotary International).

The Rise of Russia and China: Is America in Decline?

Written by Abdul Majeed 11:47 am

After spending almost three decades as the world’s sole superpower, the United States of America has finally reached the point where its decline begins. The US economic, military, and political prowess is being rivaled by Russia and China. Abdul Majeed, a political researcher and former member of the Youth Parliament of Pakistan, notes that America’s share in the world economy has fallen from 40% in 1960 to 24% in 2019. Whereas, China’s share is increasing due to the massive infrastructure projects it has undertaken in Asia and Africa. Similar to its economic decline, the US has fallen behind Russia and China in technological development, and the 5G and space race. The author argues that the superpower is no longer the ideal democratic state. Not only has it been marked as a flawed democracy for the fifth consecutive year, but it has also lost its ability to militarily protect its allies, and as Russia and China develop, so do the threats to the US hegemony.
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