Deepak Lal

Mr Deepak Lal graduated with a BBA with a major in finance from the Institue of Business Management (IBM). He is pursuing his Master's at IBM and working as assistant manager of finance and accounts at Data Enterprises.

The Challenges of Online Education in Pakistan

Written by Deepak Lal 11:47 am

Although online schooling ensures the continuation of students’ education, it brings numerous challenges with it for the students, parents, and educational institutions. The effects of online education are even worse in the Third World or developing states. The author notes that the lack of digital infrastructure, poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy have increased the burden on the population of these states. He explains that due to these problems, 930,000 students are likely to drop out in Pakistan and women’s education will take a significant blow.
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The Single National Curriculum (SNC) in Pakistan: An Inadequate Option

Written by Deepak Lal 11:47 am

The current government has proposed a single national curriculum (SNC) for all educational institutes in Pakistan. The curriculum encompasses the indoctrination of a singular view of religion (and may continue to encourage rote learning) posing a continuing threat to pluralism, child development, and the quality of education in the underfunded education sector.
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