Dr. Taut Bataut

Dr. Taut Bataut is a freelance writer interested in current affairs, global politics, and international relations.

What Are the Challenges of Switching to Renewable Energy Sources?

Written by Dr. Taut Bataut 12:07 pm

The author, Dr. Taut Bataut, focuses on the challenges associated with switching to renewable energy from hydrocarbons. While the advantages of renewables are substantial, the implementation of such schemes is fraught with complications. Pakistan remains predominantly reliant on fossil fuels as its primary source of energy. Hence, a more pragmatic and long-term policy that incentivizes renewables and gradually enhances their contribution to the energy mix is crucial for success.
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Romancing Israel at Palestine’s Expense

Written by Dr. Taut Bataut 11:50 am

The author believes that without a collective effort of the Muslim coumunity, any solution to the Palestine-Israel conflict will be one-sided and laced with unfairness. Israel, with the unwavering support of the United States, continues to gain acknowledgment and support from the rest of the world, excepting a select few.
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Farewell Afghanistan: Consequences of the US Troop Withdrawal

Written by Dr. Taut Bataut 12:28 pm

The author reflects on the possible events and scenarios that will spiral as the September deadline for the US’s departure nears. The article frames a careful analysis of Afghanistan’s future in view of the past courses taken by the Afghan government, the Taliban, the US, and regional states. One matter remains decided, however, and that is the US troop withdrawal.
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Turkey: Atatürk’s Secularism vs Erdoğan’s Islamization

Written by Dr. Taut Bataut 12:27 pm

Turkey’s foundation as a secular state, as set by its founding father Kemal Ataturk, now clashes with the incumbent President Erdogan’s vision of Islamization. The author uses several examples to showcase how Turkey is now being redirected to its imperial glory – to when Islam was the linchpin of the Ottoman Empire.
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The Elusive Afghan Peace Process

Written by Dr. Taut Bataut 11:47 am

The US was never really in control of Afghanistan. Trillions of dollars spent, over a 100,000 casualties, & two decades later – the US is now stuck in a stalemate. Negotiating directly with the Taliban via Khalilzad seemed to be helping the US, but the recent change of date for the withdrawal of troops (from May 01 to Sep 11) can potentially hamper the peace process.
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