Hajra Sajjad

Hajra Sajjad graduated from Quaid-i-Azam University with a master's degree in defence and strategic studies. Her areas of interest include international relations, peace and conflict studies, South Asian dynamics and security.

Pakistan: The Gateway Between South Asia and the Central Asian Republics

Written by Hajra Sajjad 8:01 pm

Since Pakistan is located at the crossroads of Central Asia and South Asia, any development in the two regions has direct implications for it. At the same time, Pakistan’s geographical location enables it to act as a bridge between the Central Asian Republics and the South Asian states. The author, Hajra Sajjad, notes that through trade agreements and cooperation in security-related areas, the regional connectivity between the two states can be increased. She further states that strengthening the ties between the two states will counter India’s increasing influence in the regions, providing the states of the regions with some relief.
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