Hira Akram

An aspirant researcher, with an interest in international politics, global powers competition, diplomacy and foreign policy, Hira Akram is a student of International Relations at National Defence University. She is currently enrolled in the 7th semester of her bachelor's degree. She has interned at the UNDP.

Nation Branding: India and its Public Diplomacy

Written by Hira Akram 1:47 pm

The aim of this research paper is to critically appraise the initiatives of public diplomacy undertaken by the Indian government to enhance its tarnished image in front of the international community.
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U.S. and China’s Balance of Power on the Asia-Pacific Chessboard

Written by Hira Akram 10:47 am

In the current world order, the region of Asia-Pacific has emerged as the central playing field for China and the United States. The shifting balance of power in the region has caused new alliances to form, and new threats to surface.
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