Huzaifah Sehgal

Mr Huzaifah Sehgal is a lawyer with expertise in international law, technology law, corporate law, environmental law, and constitutional law. 

Women’s Rights in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Written by Huzaifah Sehgal 7:27 pm

Huzaifah Sehgal dissects the detrimental impact of AI technologies on women and their rights. He critically evaluates the various forms of prejudices that may be directed toward women, and the added hurdles in realization of women’s rights due to digital and AI driven technologies. Additionally, he also evaluates the impact of AI-driven technologies on women who work.
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Judiciary vs Executive

Written by Huzaifah Sehgal 7:10 pm

Huzaifah Sehgal explores the challenges of justice, highlighting the judiciary’s struggle to hold the executives accountable in Pakistan. He gives the example of Abid Boxer, a dismissed police officer, accused of multiple extrajudicial killings; none of which were accounted for. In essence, this opinion argues for a unilateral threshold of accountability for all, and the judiciary’s assertive role to this end.
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Violated: The Sanctity of Courts

Written by Huzaifah Sehgal 8:58 pm

The courts are one of the fundamental features of any society. They are the protectors of rights, the rule of law, equality, and justice. The courts are the voice of the silenced and protectors of the unprotected. Huzaifah Sehgal ponders upon the recent violation of the sanctity of the courts and what this means for the country.
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AI: The End of the Legal Profession?

Written by Huzaifah Sehgal 7:30 pm

The ability of AI to evolve, and provide uncanny human-like responses, is now seeping into professional arenas. Being a lawyer himself, Huzaifah Sehgal ponders upon the effect of AI on the legal profession. He combines the ethical concerns surrounding AI with two foundational legal theories—legal positivism and natural law—to investigate if the displacement of human lawyers is a possibility.
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