Huzaifah Sehgal

Mr Huzaifah Sehgal is a practicing lawyer and an academic with expertise in areas such as corporate law, environmental law, international law, and tech law. He is a member of the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn and Amnesty International. At the moment, he is acting as a Shadow Minister for the Law & Justice Ministry of Youth General Assembly.

The New Global World Order: Aging Gracefully

Written by Huzaifah Sehgal 7:31 pm

The end of the Cold War marked the beginning of American exceptionalism, as we know it now. The three decades following the fall of the Berlin Wall witnessed the capricious acts of the US, from its unilateral wars to blatant violations of other international rules and norms. However, since the 2007 economic meltdown, the doctrine of American exceptionalism has faced decadence as has the economic growth of the country. Meanwhile, other factors, such as the rise of China, the resurgence of Russia, and the nuclear proliferation of other countries kept on playing their fair share in bringing the world to a multipolar environment.
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Violated: The Sanctity of Courts

Written by Huzaifah Sehgal 8:58 pm

The courts are one of the fundamental features of any society. They are the protectors of rights, the rule of law, equality, and justice. The courts are the voice of the silenced and protectors of the unprotected. Huzaifah Sehgal ponders upon the recent violation of the sanctity of the courts and what this means for the country.
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AI: The End of the Legal Profession?

Written by Huzaifah Sehgal 7:30 pm

The ability of AI to evolve, and provide uncanny human-like responses, is now seeping into professional arenas. Being a lawyer himself, Huzaifah Sehgal ponders upon the effect of AI on the legal profession. He combines the ethical concerns surrounding AI with two foundational legal theories—legal positivism and natural law—to investigate if the displacement of human lawyers is a possibility.
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