Iman Mujahid

Miss Iman Mujahid is currently studying Political Science at Kinnaird College Lahore.

Foreign Intervention in Balochistan and its Implications for Pakistan

Written by Iman Mujahid 12:47 pm

Balochistan’s geostrategic location has captured the attention of all the neighboring countries. Not only has its rich resource abundance and strategic location interested China but Pakistan’s adversaries like US and India have also been actively participating in causing insurgencies in Balochistan to hamper its development. Along with the multifaceted role of the international actors, the indigenous nationalist movements within Balochistan and their increasing relationship with similar ethnicities across the border have also caused serious consequences for Pakistan. The author, Iman Mujahid, highlights how Balochistan has been a symbol of global political exploitation by international actors and how their attempt to intervene in the region has contributed to the existing ball game.
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