Mahnoor Najeeb

Mahnoor Najeeb completed her Bachelor's in Public Policy from NUST. She has a keen interest in global politics and international conflicts.

Arshad Sharif’s Death & the Suffocation of Free Speech

Written by Mahnoor Najeeb 12:07 pm

The recent assassination of the brilliant investigative journalist, Arshad Sharif, reflects the rising power of extremist ideologies and the diminishing space for political discourse. The dark past of Pakistan (as well as that of Kenya) in terms of assassination and forced disappearances calls for a fair investigation into the murder of Arshad Sharif. Investigating and sharing the truth is a right, and brutally murdering someone exercising that right is a crime against humanity.
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The Assassination of CJ Meskanzai: The Latest Victim of the Baloch Insurgency

Written by Mahnoor Najeeb 12:27 pm

The re-emergence of increased separatist movements is a direct consequence of trans-provincial alliances between Baloch and other separatist groups. The Baloch insurgents are now reaching new extremes – and have even started attacking high-profile individuals. One such tragedy was the senseless killing of Chief Justice Meskanzai.
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The Bosnian Genocide: The UN’s Ultimate Failure

Written by Mahnoor Najeeb 12:03 pm

Nothing explains the United Nations’ peacekeeping failure better than the Bosnian War (1992-1995). Despite the presence of UN peacekeepers, the war culminated in one of the most horrendous massacres of all time—the Srebrenica massacre. The United Nations’ incompetence in preventing the genocide of the Bosnian Muslims, and the great powers’ hesitance to intervene cost the world the lives of more than 100,000 Bosniaks.
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The Maritime Border Deal Between Israel & Lebanon

Written by Mahnoor Najeeb 12:40 pm

Israel and Lebanon have been at war since 1948. Both nations have been claiming rights over an 860 sq. km. patch of an area in the Mediterranean Sea that contains parts of the Karish gas field and Qana gas field. Negotiations between the two nations were underway since October 2020 but failed to bear fruits until recently. The historic maritime deal has now been mediated by the United States.
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Oil Theft in Nigeria: A Bitter Reality

Written by Mahnoor Najeeb 7:10 pm

Nigeria is a country with the second-largest oil reserves in Africa, and is considered the 12th-largest oil global producer. These facts are great motivation for individuals who set up illegal pipelines to steal oil. Mahnoor Najeeb believes that oil theft is prevalent because of Nigeria’s resource curse—the inability to make use of the abundant resources available.
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