Mahrukh Khalid Siddiqui

Ms Mahrukh Khalid Siddiqui graduated with a degree in Social Sciences with a major in Development Studies from Bahria University Islamabad. She is currently working as a Technical Associate in the Government Affairs Department of Siemens Pakistan.

The Cycle of Nepotism & Protests in Kazakhstan

Written by Mahrukh Khalid Siddiqui 11:47 am

Soaring fuel prices and rising inflation have resulted in mass protests in Kazakhstan. These protests have dominated Almaty, the nation’s largest city, calling for the dismissal of Nursultan Nazarbayev. Now that Nazarbayev has been removed, will President Tokayev allow Kazakhstan to embrace political liberalization?
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The Mercurial Relationship Between China and North Korea

Written by Mahrukh Khalid Siddiqui Saira Javaid Cheema 12:30 pm

Many take the Sino-North Korean friendship as an established fact, but there are more undertones to this alliance than meets the eye. Infamously dubbed as the ‘Lips and Teeth’ alliance, the People’s Republic of China and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea had a cautious beginning — and now an uncertain future.
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Efficient Laws & Systems for Domestic Violence in Dubai: Where Did Pakistan Go Wrong?

Written by Mahrukh Khalid Siddiqui 12:19 pm

The legal measures and reporting mechanisms for domestic violence in Dubai are functional. That is in stark contrast to Pakistani systems that counter domestic violence. To ensure safety for the victims, Pakistan, too, must adopt Dubai’s best practices in confronting domestic abuse.
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From Persecution to Open Calls for Muslim Genocide in India

Written by Mahrukh Khalid Siddiqui 12:01 pm

Is India’s democracy buckling under the weight of its endless anti-Muslim hate speech? Gandhi really did not wish for his beloved state to become what it is now — a secular state that inspires antipathy to its Muslim citizens. Hindutva or Hindu nationalism has recently sparked calls for Muslim genocide, distancing the notion of democracy in India.
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Myanmar’s Shadow Government: In the Name of Democracy

Written by Mahrukh Khalid Siddiqui 12:00 pm

Composed of the opposition, the shadow government provides feedback and criticism on the policies supported by the ruling party. Myanmar has witnessed completely distinct shadow governments—from the military junta to the NLD—throughout its history. Even now, there is a shadow government; the National Unity Government is one that is displaying its resistance to the military rule of the country.
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Nationalism in International Relations: Tracing the Roots of Xenophobia

Written by Mahrukh Khalid Siddiqui 12:13 pm

Nationalism captures the important yet equally detrimental—if manifested unwisely—unity that is triggered from the loyalty and dedication towards one’s homeland. To the author, Mahrukh Khalid Siddiqui, xenophobia and discrimination are viewed as the by-products of classical nationalism. Discriminatory actions are fueled by presumptions, prejudice, lack of knowledge, and stereotypes.
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