Maryam Farooq

Maryam Farooq is a recent graduate with a bachelor's degree in peace and conflict studies from the National Defence University Islamabad. She is an avid researcher and a writer who has been in the freelancing arena since the last 4 years. Her areas of interest include Pakistan's domestic issues as well as its international relations with other states.

The Untimely Deaths of Iranian Nuclear Scientists

Written by Maryam Farooq 10:47 am

Assassinations in the nuclear field of Iran have revealed the vulnerability in the state’s national security. It has also exposed that the enemy might be closer than the Islamic Republic perceives.
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Pakistan & The November Lockdown? Possibilities & Prevention

Written by Maryam Farooq 6:44 pm

Will Pakistan’s decision of re-opening educational institutions cause another wave of COVID-19? If so, that will surely propel another lockdown, possibly in November.
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