Maryam Salman

Maryam Salman graduated from the University of Wollongong in Dubai where she received her Master's in International Relations degree. She currently works for Qamar Energy, an oil and gas consultancy firm, in Dubai, UAE.

Virtual Water & UAE’s Foreign Policy with Iran: Neo-realist & Neo-liberal Perspectives

Written by Maryam Salman 6:47 pm

The virtual water trade, a concept introduced by Tony Allan, is the hidden flow of water if food or other commodities are traded from one place to another. The research paper briefly explains neo-realism and neo-liberalism before applying the theories to the UAE’s virtual water trade policy with Iran. The paper further details the determinants of UAE’s foreign policy with Iran.
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The Curious Case of Syria and State Terrorism

Written by Maryam Salman 1:14 am

Rarely acknowledged, there are many concrete examples of state terrorism in history. Syria and state terrorism are analyzed in this paper to understand how Bashar al-Assad has evaded accountability thus far – and how it has now become imperative for states to be called out when violating basic human rights.
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