Mir Adnan Aziz

Mir Adnan Aziz is a freelance contributor.

United with Imran Khan

Written by Mir Adnan Aziz 11:50 am

After removing Imran Khan – the former Pakistani prime minister – from power, Pakistan’s new government has adopted the very policies the PTI leader stood against. The author, Mir Adnan Aziz, notes that Pakistan has once again fallen into the hands of politicians dancing to America’s tune. He asserts that in their insatiable greed for power, these corrupt politicians have overthrown the one person who attempted to break free from the chains that bound Islamabad to Washington.
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The US-backed Regime Change in Pakistan

Written by Mir Adnan Aziz 11:47 am

The United States has freely been using regime changes as tools for subjugation. If unable to “convince” a leader to comply, the US simply has him/her removed from power. Ironically, the US Senate had to formally pass an “assassination ban” on US citizens/officials since CIA/US assassinations and coups in states run by “unfavorable” governments were becoming too frequent. The author, Mir Adnan Aziz, argues that for the US, Pakistan’s former prime minister, Imran Khan, represented one such unfavorable government. Though Pakistan is not a stranger to America’s interventionist policies, the recent regime change in Pakistan has revealed the true extent of covert American networking in the state.
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