Mohammad Mudasar Laghari

Mohammad Mudasar Laghari is a high school student pursuing his HSSC in Hyderabad. His areas of interest include history, political theory, international relations, and world affairs.

Digging Up the History of Saudi Arabia

Written by Mohammad Mudasar Laghari 11:47 am

In this very detailed and clear piece, Mohammad Mudasar Laghari connects the past and present of Saudi Arabia, a kingdom shrouded in mysteries. Discover the origins of the name of the Kingdom, the roots of Wahhabism, the finding of oil, and the army of flies, among others.
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How Britain’s Policy of Appeasement Led to the Second World War

Written by Mohammad Mudasar Laghari 11:48 am

The Second World War had horrendous impacts on the entire world. The war destroyed entire cities and took the lives of 70-85 million people. Besides the Treaty of Versailles, the policy of appeasement adopted by Great Britain and France played a prominent role in initiating World War II. The author, Mohammad Mudasar Laghari, elucidates that this appeasement, reflected in the 1939 Munich Agreement, was the reason behind Germany’s greed.
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