Palwasha Aftab

Ms Palwasha Aftab is an IR graduate and is currently serving as a junior research associate at the Eurasian Century Institute (ECI), Islamabad, Pakistan.

Putin’s War on Ukraine: Why and What Now?

Written by Palwasha Aftab 11:57 am

In a televised address on February 24, Putin declared war on Ukraine. War is a diplomatic failure, a tragedy, and a crime. Although Putin’s actions are not defensible, America and NATO cannot be vindicated as innocent players in this crisis either, as the ongoing Russia-Ukraine confrontation stems from the US-Russia tensions over NATO expansion. The author, Palwasha Aftab, concludes that in view of the sensitivities and far-reaching implications of the current security crisis in Europe, it is imperative to carve out balanced and sustainable peace in Europe, for the achievement of which a speedy and consensual settlement of the Russia-Ukraine war in particular and the build-up of a new European security order in general, remain intrinsic.
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