Rida Yamin

Rida Yamin is a graduate student of international relations from Punjab University. Her areas of interest include world politics, political economy, and hybrid warfare.

China’s Military Modernization: A Threat to the US

Written by Rida Yamin 7:15 pm

China’s fast-paced military modernization has become a thorn in America’s side. The author, Rida Yamin, notes that the creation of Chinese hypersonic missiles has come as a shock to the United States, intensifying the arms race between the two. She argues that China’s focus on STEM education, the research and development sector, and industrial policy has given it an edge over the US.
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IMF in Pakistan: Culprit or Scapegoat?

Written by Rida Yamin 12:33 pm

Though Pakistan has a history of relying on IMF loans, Rida Yamin notes that the organization is not to blame for the state’s economic condition. She asserts that poor governance is a key factor in Pakistan’s economic decline and its tendency to take loans from the IMF. The political parties in Pakistan either fail to implement efficient policies or make high-cost-low-yield flawed policies that further exacerbate the economic crisis.
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