Safia Mansoor

Ms Safia Mansoor is pursuing an MPhil in International Relations from Kinnaird College.

Energy Predicament of Pakistan: SWOT Analysis and Way Forward

Written by Safia Mansoor 8:50 pm

Safia Mansoor holistically covers the various dynamics of Pakistan’s energy crisis and the threats to Pakistan’s power sector by using the SWOT analysis. Strengths of Pakistan’s energy sector are massive coal reserves alongside wind, solar, and hydro energy potential, whereas the weaknesses include poor governance, inadequate role of DISCOs, T&D losses, corruption, and energy supply chain problems. She also highlights various opportunities such as CPEC energy projects and clean & green energy technologies. Most importantly, the threats to the country’s energy sector are also discussed which include circular debt and lack of energy diversification. She concludes that political, institutional, economic and technical reforms are need of time to deal with worsening power crisis of country.
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Role of Air Power in the Russia-Ukraine War

Written by Safia Mansoor 7:30 pm

Safia Mansoor discusses the concepts of air power and air denial before relating them to the Ukraine war. She describes Russia’s strategy and weaponry to attain air superiority. She also explains Ukraine’s air denial strategy through the use of various missiles, drones, and air defence systems. The article concludes by highlighting the key causes of Russia’s unsuccessful attempt to control the sky, and the evolving nature of air warfare.
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