Sameer Sohail

Mr Sameer Sohail is an independent researcher, who completed his M.A. in English Literature and B.A. in Social Sciences, both from University of Sargodha. His main interest is in applying the philosophical frameworks available to the world's social and political landscape. He is currently working as a copywriter in Islamabad.

Pakistan’s AI Journey: Navigating A Rocky Terrain

Written by Sameer Sohail 7:52 pm

Sameer Sohail discusses the challenges and obstacles that Pakistan is bound to face in the near future on the job market, the education system and society in general as it develops and deploys its AI systems. He focuses mainly on the issues associated with AI technologies that would be available to the general public, not the ones designed for military or national security purposes. Those issues include the government’s poor understanding of the matter, a lack of national AI policy, the alignment problem of AI and the lack of philosophical and critical thinking skills in our youth.
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Understanding the Value of Liberal Arts Education in Pakistan 

Written by Sameer Sohail 6:15 pm

A liberal arts education offers a multidisciplinary curriculum, including social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences, among others. Sameer Sohail finds there to be a palpable absence of liberal arts education in Pakistan. He believes that a liberal arts education would help strengthen the Pakistani economy, contribute to holistic futures, and prepare individuals for success in all aspects of life.
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Superabundance by Marian Tupy & Gale Pooley

Written by Sameer Sohail 1:12 pm

It is largely maintained that population growth makes for scarcer resources. Marian Tupy and Gale Pooley’s book, Superabundance: The Story of Population Growth, Innovation, and Human Flourishing on an Infinitely Bountiful Planet, convinces you otherwise. Superabundance is an absolutely detailed book with data spanning two centuries. Its fundamental premise? Resources become much more abundant as the population grows.
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