Taaha Rauf

Taaha Rauf has completed his A levels from Roots International School. During his gap year, he decided to write his research paper on the possible use of EVMs (electronic voting machines) in the 2023 general elections of Pakistan and the cyber threats posed by them.

Can Pakistan’s EVMs Survive Cyber Attacks?

Written by Taaha Rauf 11:47 am

The Cambridge Analytica scandal, the disclosure of the Pegasus spyware, and the hacking of Pakistan’s Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) have made the vulnerable nature of cyberspace abundantly clear. The author, Taaha Rauf, notes that Pakistan’s decision to use electronic voting machines (EVMs), in the 2023 general elections, comes with the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks. He explains that since the US, Australia, and Canada, already employ technology for several purposes in their elections, they have undertaken measures to ensure their cybersecurity and election integrity. For Pakistan to do the same, he makes certain recommendations.
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