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Mr Ziyad Sheikh is an engineering student interested in physics, python, gaming, and reading non-fiction texts.

The Ruins of Mohenjo Daro – Pakistan’s Epic History

Written by Ziyad Sheikh Noor Ul Huda 11:47 am

The city of Mohenjo Daro, constructed in 2500 BCE, is a crucial aspect of Pakistan’s history and culture. The ruins of Mohenjo Daro once formed a part of South Asia’s Indus Valley civilization. Since its excavation in the 1920s, Mohenjo Daro has continued to surprise historians and archeologists. The authors, Ziyad Sheikh and Noor Ul Huda, note that although the city was built more than 4500 years ago, it had a proper drainage system, advanced architecture, a well-planned street grid, a trade network that contributed to its wealth, and one of the earliest public baths in the pre-modern era. The authors explain that despite there being numerous speculations as to why the city declined, researchers have failed to find the actual reason for the city’s fall.
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Pakistan’s Truck Art: A Beautiful Expression of Culture

Written by Ziyad Sheikh 11:47 am

Colorfully decorated trucks with artistic impressions tend to adorn the roads and highways in Pakistan. For decades, these jingle trucks have acted as canvases for Pakistani artists and granted them a way to introduce the world to Pakistan’s culture, folklore, poetry, and art. The author, Ziyad Sheikh, explains that since truck art captivates the public, truck drivers in Pakistan are keen to decorate their trucks as much as they can, with some spending as much as $2,500 on basic paint jobs. Truck artists like Haider Ali view these mobile blank canvases as the perfect medium to spread a positive image of Pakistan.
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Markhor — The National Animal Symbolizing Pakistan’s Perseverance

Written by Ziyad Sheikh 11:47 am

Markhor, a magnificent wild goat, is the national animal of Pakistan. Its corkscrew-shaped horns and powerful hooves are just a couple of its imposing features. There are five sub-species of Markhors. Trophy hunting brought the creature back from extinction. However, the numbers seem to be dwindling again owing to the insufficent and irregular salaries of the wildlife department, motivating poachers to hunt the precious animal.
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A Biography of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan: The Father of Pakistan’s Atomic Weapons Program

Written by Ziyad Sheikh 12:00 pm

The author, Ziyad Sheikh, narrates the life of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan as a tribute to his legacy. He worked in earnest to turn Pakistan into an atomic power, thus immortalizing his name as the ‘father of Pakistan’s atomic weapons program.’
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