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CSS Current Affairs 2023 Guess Paper

Success in the CSS exam relies heavily on understanding current affairs. However, the CSS current affairs syllabus can be a bit unclear, causing many candidates to feel unsure. While the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) did provide the syllabus, it has not been updated. Also, the specific domestic issues to focus on can be hard to identify. Torchbearer CSS Academy aims to clarify these points and provide a helpful list of guess topics tailored for the special CSS exam.
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Syllabus Insights

Firstly, it’s crucial to prepare thoroughly using reliable sources like the Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI), the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad (ISSI), and the Council on Foreign Relations. Candidates should include references from research papers and articles, as this is what examiners expect. It’s worth noting that there isn’t one book that covers all aspects of the current affairs part of the 2023 CSS special exam, so it’s best not to rely too heavily on just one source.

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Domestic Issues

When it comes to domestic issues, candidates should carefully identify and prepare key topics. These may include things like political division, corruption, economic challenges, energy problems, and the serious issues of extremism and terrorism. A good understanding of these topics forms the foundation for grasping domestic affairs.

Regional and Global Concerns

Once candidates have a solid grasp of domestic issues, they should expand their focus to regional and global matters. Being aware of current global politics, international agreements, and worldwide challenges is crucial. This broad view helps candidates better comprehend the complex world of global affairs.

Staying Updated

It’s also important to keep an eye on constantly changing critical issues. Having a carefully chosen list of relevant topics that are regularly updated should be a consistent part of a candidate’s preparation. This ensures that their study remains relevant and applicable to the current situation.


In conclusion, a dedicated and thoughtful approach to current affairs preparation for the CSS exam is crucial. By studying the syllabus, addressing domestic issues, and promoting an understanding of regional and global dynamics, candidates are well-prepared for the exam’s challenges.

Additionally, providing a curated list of guess papers specifically designed for the special CSS exam serves as an extra resource, giving candidates an additional tool for success. With this approach, the academic commitment and diligence of the candidate are sure to be well rewarded.

Provided below is a list of speculated current affairs topics for the special CSS exam:

  1. Tug-of-War in the Indo-Pacific: Cooperation and Competition in the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean: AUKUS, QUAD 2.0, B3W, RCEP, South China Sea, Taiwan
  2. Saudi-Iran Relations: A Tinderbox in the Middle East: rivalry, Middle East politics, the role of China and the US, recent developments
  3. Post-withdrawal Scenario in Afghanistan: The World’s Forgotten Crisis: domestic, regional, and global challenges, foreign policy challenges for Pakistan, the role of China, India, and the international community
  4. Russia-Ukraine War: A Test of the International System: socio-economic, political, and strategic consequences of the war, impact of the war on Pakistan, lessons for Pakistan’s survival, and the future
  5. Triple Threat: Climate, Water, and Energy Crisis Looming Over Nations (National and Global): 2023 G20 summit
  6. Pakistan’s NSP 2022-2026: A New Dawn for National Security: Pakistan’s strategic shift from geo-politics to geo-economics
  7. BRI and CPEC: A New World Order or a New Divide?
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