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CSS 2022 Result: What Went Wrong?

The CSS 2022 result has been both a source of celebration and disappointment for its candidates. With a passing ratio of 1.85%, the competitive exam may seem to be impossible for many, however, all hope is not lost if the aspirants follow a few simple steps. By addressing the misconceptions about the preparation phase, reading material, and skill-building, this article serves as a guide for CSS aspirants to increase their chances of success in the exam.
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The CSS 2022 final result has been announced, and this year, the passing ratio stands at only 1.85%. While there are celebrations among those who were successfully allocated to their desired groups, there are also disappointed candidates who couldn’t make it to the final list of allocations. The fact of the matter is that every year, the result teaches some valuable lessons to aspirants, and it is crucial to learn from these lessons in order to qualify for the CSS exam. Let’s discuss the factors that needed the utmost attention from the students who couldn’t qualify when the result was announced for CSS 2022.

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Mismanagement During the Preparation Phase

The CSS exam consists of twelve subjects, six compulsory and six optional. It is important for aspirants to handle these subjects with a proper strategy in order to perform well in the exam. Often, during the preparation phase, aspirants face a shortage of time and fail to assign equal weightage to each subject. As a result, they may fail to perform adequately in one of the subjects during the exam. For example, aspirants may spend a significant amount of time preparing for optional subjects, but end up lacking time to focus on essential subjects like English essay and precis, and composition.

Reading Local Publications Instead of Recommended Books

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) provides a systematic syllabus along with recommended books and readings for each subject. However, it is unfortunate that many CSS aspirants rely on local publications available in the market instead of focusing on the recommended sources during their preparation. Ultimately, this approach hampers their success because local publications often fail to help students develop the analytical reasoning skills required by examiners in answer sheets. For instance, some fresh graduates attempting the CSS exam may opt for shortcuts to pass the exam by relying on books or notes that claim to cover the complete syllabus. While this strategy might provide initial help, it does not lead to high scores in the long run. This is why, out of the forty thousand aspirants, only three hundred make it to the final list.

Flawed Strategies and Lack of Guidance

The CSS exam is widely considered the toughest exam in the country and requires various attributes in candidates, such as decisiveness, consistency, prudence, and a sound mindset. These attributes help aspirants devise practical strategies to turn their dreams into achievable goals. Many candidates waste their attempts and time due to a lack of direction and guidance. Often, aspirants’ limited perspective prevents them from thinking beyond the box, underestimating the magnitude of the competitive exam. They fail because they lack the thought process needed to seek the right guidance and sincere mentorship.

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Lack of Writing Practice and Evaluation

The passing ratio of 1.85% highlights the importance of writing practice and evaluation for qualifying for the CSS exam. Students often overlook the fact that this is a written exam and they will be evaluated based on their writing skills. Aspirants tend to focus on the initial phase of preparation, such as taking classes and covering the syllabus, but they underestimate the importance of regular writing practice in their CSS journey. Writing practice is crucial because it helps aspirants identify their strengths and weaknesses, highlights the loopholes in their preparation, and enables them to focus on the most demanding areas of study. Unfortunately, many aspirants find it cumbersome to follow this step, thereby depriving themselves of a significant learning process.

To summarize, despite the CSS 2022 result, the CSS exam is indeed achievable, but certain factors need to be understood and followed. Aspirants must diligently follow each step of the journey to qualify for the exam. Firstly, they should give due credit to the syllabus and recommended sources provided by the FPSC. Additionally, it is crucial for aspirants to develop analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills by diversifying their sources and seeking mentorship. Since it is a highly competitive exam, aspirants must strive to overcome any challenges they encounter throughout the process. Giving each subject its appropriate attention is vital in determining whether one will make it to the final list. Therefore, it is essential to take note of the aforementioned points and work towards making the dream of joining civil services a reality.

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It is worth mentioning the success stories of students from Torchbearer CSS Academy – TBA Karachi, such as Mr. Murtaza Hussain, Miss Bisma Noor Jatoi, Mr. Basil, Mr. Wahid Bux, Miss Mahnoor, and many more. They have qualified for the CSS exam by religiously following each step of the journey. They focused on studying quality material, took mock exams, and followed the guidance of their mentors. If you aspire to be among the qualifiers, it is advised to follow in the footsteps of the 1.85% who have succeeded. By doing so, you can pave your way to the final list.

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