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Pakistani IT Company Deemed Forbes Asia’s Best

Pakistan’s Systems Limited – an IT company – has made it to Forbes Asia’s Best Under a Billion list for the third consecutive time, owing to its innovative business model. Systems Limited is the only company from Pakistan to make it to the list, making this achievement even more noteworthy for the state.
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History was made when Systems Limited, a Pakistani information technology (IT) company and the only one of its kind in the country, was awarded  “Forbes Asia’s Best Under a Billion” for the third time in a row. With under $1 billion in revenue and consistent top and bottom-line growth, Forbes Asia has compiled a list of 200 companies from the Asia-Pacific Region (including South Korea, Taiwan, India, and Thailand).

This list also included Systems Limited, which was in the list of 75 returnees that outperformed across all performance indicators and metrics. This brings great honor to the company and it is all because the company is innovative, sustainable, consistent, and has proper business growth.

The Pakistani IT company was founded in 1977 by Aezaz Hussain. Asif Peer, the CEO and MD of Systems Limited, expressed his gratitude for this remarkable achievement by saying, “Systems Limited has created a thriving ecosystem that consistently meets outstand­ing performance metrics. It gives me immense pleasure that Sys­tems Limited is the only IT com­pany hailing from Pakistan that has been recognized by Forbes Asia as Best Under A Billion com­pany three times, consecutively. This great honour is monumental to Systems Limited’s sustain­ability and consistent growth in all the verticals and segments in which we are excelling.”

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Asif Peer also added that the company was striving to perform even better in the coming years. He said, “We assure you that we will continue this momentum of business excellence by providing innovative solutions across the globe and keep on outperforming in all metrics.”

Forbes Asia’s Best Under a Billion award was not the only achievement of Systems Limited this year. The company has constantly been winning award after award. It won the 2021 Poll of Asia’s Outstanding Companies, was awarded the Microsoft Inner Circle for Business Applications membership and is currently known as Pakistan’s biggest IT supporter.

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