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Paradigm Shift’s Magazine: August-September 2023 Edition

The August-September 2023 edition of the Paradigm Shift magazine contains 15 handpicked pieces. These cover the SWOT analysis of the energy predicament in Pakistan, a BRICS currency, the G20 Delhi Declaration, and the land reforms during Bhutto’s period among others. The August-September 2023 edition features an infographic on the urbanization in Pakistan throughout the years. This edition also has two book reviews and an op-ed.
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We’re back after a month-long hiatus with the combined August-September 2023 edition of the Paradigm Shift magazine!

The magazine does not intend to follow a determined theme but rather features a curated list of pieces that center around the latest news and developments in Pakistan and abroad.

The August-September 2023 edition includes 15 pieces in total.

The articles in our magazine cover a guide on the CSS current affairs paper, the thriving cotton market, the SWOT analysis of Pakistan’s energy predicament, a BRICS currency, and the land reforms during Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s period.

We have a few more articles on Pakistan’s economic woes, the electricity price hikes, the IMF-Pakistan deal, the murder that caused the Canada-India row, and the key takeaways from the G20 Delhi Declaration.

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We have a research paper on the rivalry between China and the US, focusing much on Pakistan’s strategic dilemma.

Since many of you are probably preparing for CSS exams, you might as well read our book reviews on The Inglorious Empire by Shashi Tharoor and Orientalism by Edward Said.

We have shared one infographic about the total share of the urban population in Pakistan from 2013 to 2022.

We also have our op-ed on China’s destined rise and a short quiz inside with answers at the end.

The magazine also contains links to our social media handles, so all you need to do to follow us is click on the icons! Also, if you’re looking to advertise your business, look no further because we have you covered on that front.

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