Tufail Abbas

Mr. Tufail Abbas holds a master’s degree in international relations. He teaches English essay writing and international relations via Cuckoo's Study Lab YouTube channel.

Orderly Disorder in Global Politics

Written by Tufail Abbas 9:28 pm

While exploring states’ behavior, external orientations, and extraneous engagements, Tufail Abbas comprehensively discusses how order has never been normal in global politics and how states’ self-centric proclivities result in perpetual structural anarchy and lawlessness. After comprehensively discussing the scope and substance of the liberal order, this opinion moves on to introduce its readers to a new milieu wherein China, Russia, and other revisionist nations are undertaking concerted efforts to establish a sustainable, more democratic, adaptive, and a pluralistic global operating system as a means towards taming anarchy.
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The Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project: Diplomacy and Pakistan’s Options

Written by Tufail Abbas 6:27 pm

Pakistan is facing challenges in navigating its relationship with the United States and its neighbors, particularly concerning its energy project with Iran. Tufail Abbas argues that the United States’ diplomatic brinkmanship vis-à-vis the Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline is an attempt to deprive Iran of breathing space and inflict damage on its economy. United States’ global image and standing have been on the decline due to its domestic irregularities, financial hardships, and eroding external influence. He argues that Pakistan should adopt a non-adventurist external posture, engage with all major powers, and rally support for a more democratized, pluralistic, and multilateral global order.
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