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Paradigm Shift’s Magazine: March 2023 Edition

The March 2023 edition of the Paradigm Shift magazine contains 15 handpicked pieces. These include France’s pension reforms, the strategic importance of the Indian Ocean, and the evolving Saudi-Iran relations, among others. This edition features two infographics: one on the most photographed monuments in the world, and the second featuring the five largest economies in the world. We have also included the details (guideline, timeline, prizes) of our very first writing contest, being hosted in collaboration with the prestigious Air University, titled The Writer’s Paradigm. Big cash prizes await the winners!
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The March 2023 edition of the Paradigm Shift magazine is out!

The magazine does not intend to follow a determined theme, but rather features a curated list of pieces that center around the latest news and developments in Pakistan and abroad.

The March 2023 edition includes 16 pieces in total and the details of our writing contest!

The articles in our magazine explore what it takes to become a civil servant, the major economic systems, the Austro-Prussian war of 1866, the MH17 plane crash, and digital democracy.

We also have articles on the strategic importance of the Indian Ocean, the pension reforms in France, as well as the dominance of China and Russia in the Middle East.

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If you’re into analytical papers, then we have a research paper on public interest litigation in Pakistan. You’ll also find book reviews on Zaviya and Blood and Silk: Power and Conflict in Modern Southeast Asia.

Which monuments are the most photographed ones? Do you know the five largest economies in the world? You can find that out with our infographics! Oh, and you’ll find a short quiz inside, too.

Last but not the least, we have a relevant opinion piece on free speech and its impact.

The magazine also contains links to our social media handles, so all you need to do to follow us is click on the icons! Also, if you’re looking to advertise your business, look no further because we have you covered on that front.

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