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The Winners of The Writer’s Paradigm

We are delighted to announce the highly-anticipated results of the Writers Paradigm Contest. After careful consideration and a thorough evaluation of the remarkable entries, we have selected our winners! Congratulations to all the winners! Your creativity and dedication have truly shone through in your outstanding submissions. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to everyone who participated and made this contest a resounding success. Thank you for being a part of the Writer’s Paradigm Contest, and we look forward to your continued engagement in our future endeavors. Stay inspired and keep up the excellent work!
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The success of The Writer’s Paradigm (TWP), Paradigm Shift’s inaugural writing contest in 2023, was made possible because of the entrants, our team, our readers, our honourable judges, and our esteemed partner and sponsor, Air University.

We opened the call for submissions on 7th April 2023, and while we intended to close the Google form on 23rd April, the requests for an extension were difficult to pass over and hence submissions were accepted until 7th May.

The team began the screening and review of the hundreds of entries submitted from all over Pakistan and ultimately decided on 28 detailed and cogent entries. From these 28, the top 11 were moved onto the next round and then shared with the judges the top 3 for the final ranking, all anonymously assessed.

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As we finally move towards wrapping up the contest (after a little over 2 months!), we welcome you to watch the video by Mr Michael Kugelman to learn who our winners are!


  1. The World’s Power Distribution from Pax Americana to Asianization: A New Geopolitical Landscape – Maria Mansab
  2. Raising the Bar – Improving Legal Education in Pakistan is the Key to Ensuring Justice – Ali Anwaar
  3. The Anatomy of Poverty Traps: Pakistan’s Quest for Economic Liberation – Hajra Zahid

Honourable Mentions

  • The Education Crisis in Pakistan – Aalia Khan
  • Pakistan’s Energy Conundrum and Way Forward – Ahmad Salal
  • The Fault in Our Stars: Understanding Pakistan’s Pitfalls from the Example of Other Developing Nations – Aiman Shahid
  • Pakistan’s Economic Conundrum Is an Interplay of Global and Domestic Predicaments – Aiwaz Ahmed Junejo
  • Digital Potential: A Digital Roadmap for Pakistan – Ali Haider
  • The Ripple Effect of the Russia-Ukraine War on Europe: How Can Europe Affect the Outcome – Alishbah Syed
  • The Quandary That Is Pakistani Education – Areeba Sohail
  • The (Re)Birth of Blocpolitik: Cold War 2.0 and the Coming World – Asma Siddiq
  • Exploring Micro Hydropower Projects as a Viable Solution to Pakistan’s Energy Crisis – Daniyal Bin Tanveer
  • Enabling Innovation and Research-driven Education for All in Pakistan – Duaa Ayaz
  • From Debt Burden to Economic Growth: A Roadmap for Pakistan’s Recovery – Faryal Khan
  • Did Russia Set Itself Up for Failure by Invading Ukraine? – Fiza Zeeshan
  • Pakistan’s Digital Diplomacy: The Foreign Office’s Role in Global Outreach – Javeria Saghir
  • Problems in Pakistan’s Education System and Its Possible Solutions – Laiba Ahmad
  • Is Pakistan Still Behind? A Comparative Study of Pakistan and Finland Educational Set-Ups – Laiba Bashir
  • Small Business, Big Impact: How Government Policies Can Boost Economic Growth in Pakistan – Misha Karim
  • The West’s Influence Is Stagnating Due to the New Chinese-Russian-Led Bloc – Muhammad Asif Nawaz
  • The New Global World Order: Aging Gracefully – Muhammad Huzaifah Naeem Sehgal
  • Redefining Education in Pakistan: Data-Driven Approach to Tackling Challenges, Harnessing Opportunities – Ramsha Naz
  • Pakistan’s Economic Woes: Exploring the Roots and Possible Solutions of the Crisis – Rida Raja
  • Energy Predicament of Pakistan: SWOT Analysis and Way Forward – Safia Mansoor
  • Pakistan’s AI journey: Navigating A Rocky Terrain – Sameer Sohail
  • Efforts to Curb the Drug Menace in KP – Syed Salman Mushtaq Gilani
  • A Nation in the Dark: A Catastrophic Impact of Pakistan’s Energy Crisis and Relief Strategies – Tooba Shahbaz
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Our Honourable Judges

  1. Mr. Ali Shahab, CSS Instructor & Mentor
  2. Ms. Amna Baig, Superintendent
  3. Former Ambassador Mr. Irfan Yusuf Shami
  4. Michael Kugelman, Deputy Director of the Asia Program and Senior Associate for South Asia at the Wilson Center
  5. Mr. Sarmad Ishfaq, CEO of Paradigm Shift

Congratulations to all the participants! We hope to see more excellent entries next year, so until then continue to read, write, and improve!

Oh, and to read these brilliant pieces, keep checking our website!

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