Domestic Violence is Domestic Terrorism

Written by Sadaf Shabbir 10:47 am

Domestic violence consists of all the facets of terrorism. Hence, referring to it as “abuse” or “violence” undermines the severity of the terroristic acts. The author explains that the term “domestic terrorism” is well suited for these horrendous acts. She uses Pakistan as a case study, at the end, to highlight how the societal structure reinforces domestic terrorism.
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FATF Grey List: Pakistan’s Acid Test

Written by Muhammad Hamza Tanvir 10:48 am

Pakistan has once again failed to satisfy the Paris-based FATF with regards to the actions it is taking against terror financing and money laundering. The problem is the lack of international support. Even allies like China, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and the Gulf States refused to back Pakistan in the arena. The only supporter was Turkey.
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Data Protection Laws in Pakistan: Resolving Privacy Concerns

Written by Aimen Babur 10:47 am

The current pandemic has increased the significance of the internet manifold, allowing numerous businesses to survive online in the times of lockdowns imposed across the globe. However, it has also raised concerns of privacy and data protection, rendering it imperative for Pakistan to draft comprehensive data protection laws and the implementation thereof.
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China and Iran’s Relations: New Allies on the Block

Written by Sidra Azeem 10:47 am

The new strategic partnership between China and Iran will not only enhance Sino-Iran relations but also transform the geopolitical structure of Asia. This partnership will seek to develop Iran’s economy and infrastructure; it will also enable China to buy oil from Iran at discounted prices. India and the United States, however, view this blossoming relationship negatively.
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The Unjust Salaries of Government Employees in Pakistan

Written by Mirwaise Khan 10:46 am

The behavior of employees depends highly on how fairly they are treated by their employer. The author notes that the unjust salaries of government employees in Pakistan have increased job dissatisfaction and have led to an upsurge in poor performance, low motivation, the disloyalty of employees, corruption in the government sector, and the protests in Islamabad in February 2021.
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18th Amendment to the Constitution: Pakistan’s Dilemma

Written by Sidra Azeem 5:35 pm

The 18th amendment to the constitution of Pakistan has subjected the state to a predicament. Although the articles amended are quite admirable, the author notes, despairingly no proper way is suggested to implement the provisions highlighted in it. She further elaborates that while it has delegated power to the provinces, it has also made the center weaker.
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The Kalabagh Dam Issue: An Unrealized Dream

Written by Zainab Haseeb 10:47 am

The highly divisive issue of the Kalabagh Dam resurfaces as predictions of acute water shortages in Pakistan are made. The provinces, KPK and Sindh in particular, continue to cite their reasons for disagreeing to build the Kalabagh Dam. The author provides a counterargument to their reasons and contends that the energy generated as a result of the Kalabagh Dam would be a significant addition to the country’s economy.
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Pakistan Air Force vs Indian Air Force: A Perpetual Security Dilemma

Written by Hamza Sharif 10:47 am

The military rivalry of the Pakistan Air Force vs Indian Air Force has generated an ever increasing security dilemma in South Asia. This dilemma has forced the two competitors to pursue 5th generation technology. The author notes that in this race for dominance, acquiring aerial stealth technology can shift the power structure in Pakistan’s favor.
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The Possibility of New Provinces in Pakistan

Written by Muhammad Hamza Tanvir 10:46 am

Ethnic and linguistic conflicts are considered to be the prominent reasons for the creation of new provinces in Pakistan. However, such action is presently not constitutionally recognized.
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Coke Studio in Pakistan: Market Rivalry Influencing Music

Written by Muhammad Bilal Farooq 10:47 am

Coca-Cola and Pepsi’s market rivalry has integrated itself into Pakistan’s music industry. This brand competition has created platforms like Coke Studio in Pakistan to revive its music.
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The Untimely Deaths of Iranian Nuclear Scientists

Written by Maryam Farooq 10:47 am

Assassinations in the nuclear field of Iran have revealed the vulnerability in the state’s national security. It has also exposed that the enemy might be closer than the Islamic Republic perceives.
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The Neglected Relationship Between Climate Change and Women

Written by Hafsa Hassan 10:47 am

What, really, is the connection between climate change and gender inequality? Studies and several examples show the disproportionate impact of climate change on women.
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The Sheedi Community of Pakistan

Written by Javeria Noman 10:49 am

Although they have a rich history, the Sheedi community of Pakistan is unknown to many. The Sheedis continue to foray into various disciplines to achieve due recognition and honor.
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Incensed Russia Protests with Navalny

Written by Muzamil Wasti 10:47 am

The events of last year, along with Navalny’s trial, have left the Kremlin in a tight spot. The only options it has now, come with repercussions, creating a dilemma.
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Pakistan’s Education System: The Literacy Conundrum

Written by Hamza Sharif 10:51 am

Pakistan’s education system is deeply flawed, with unskilled teachers, and an ever increasing socio-economic class divide within the institutions.
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World Interfaith Harmony Week: Celebrating Differences

Written by Sidra Azeem 10:48 am

Religious, ethnic, and cultural intolerance has become a common occurrence. Each passing year sees a greater need for interfaith harmony and tolerance.
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The Plight of the Hazara Community

Written by Muzamil Wasti 10:47 am

Concrete and comprehensive measures are imperative for the curtailment of persecution and religious extremism against the Hazara community.
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