Adam Abass

Adam Abass is an undergraduate student of political science and international relations. His research focuses on Middle Eastern politics, counter-terrorism, peace, and security in Africa.

The Rapidly Increasing Military Coups in West Africa

Written by Adam Abass 8:00 pm

For the past three years, West Africa has experienced multiple military coups. This recent increase is attributed to the contagious effect of the military coup that occurred in Mali in 2020. The ‘coup fever’ has since then spread to Burkina Faso, Chad, and Guinea, and also led to an attempted coup in Guinea-Bissau.
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Private Military Companies (PMCs) & How They Get Away with Murder

Written by Adam Abass 11:48 am

In modern warfare, the role of private military companies (PMCs) has significantly increased. The world’s major powers, in particular, are keen on employing PMCs in conflict zones. The author, Adam Abass, notes that the strong ties between these companies and states have allowed the former to evade prosecution or sentences for their alleged war crimes and human rights abuses.
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