Aimen Babur

Ms Aimen Babur is a Mechatronics engineer turned development enthusiast. She is currently working as a project assistant at the Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). Through her research, she aspires to give a voice to the youth and other marginalized communities of society.

The Imperfect Track and Trace System for Tobacco Companies in Pakistan

Written by Aimen Babur 11:57 am

The article focuses on the problems faced by the government of Pakistan in the tobacco tracking and tracing system recently implemented. The author asserts the need to implement strict policies so as to control illicit tobacco trade and regulate the tobacco industry.
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Data Protection Laws in Pakistan: Resolving Privacy Concerns

Written by Aimen Babur 10:47 am

The current pandemic has increased the significance of the internet manifold, allowing numerous businesses to survive online in the times of lockdowns imposed across the globe. However, it has also raised concerns of privacy and data protection, rendering it imperative for Pakistan to draft comprehensive data protection laws and the implementation thereof.
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Why the Chinese Model of Governance Is Succeeding?

Written by Aimen Babur 10:55 am

China’s global supremacy can be attributed to its model of governance. Chinese governance has been found to be sustainable in its management and administration.
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