Asfand Yar Katchela

Mr Asfand Yar Katchela is pursuing a BA-LL.B (Honours) from LUMS. He is the recipient of the prestigious LUMS 100% merit scholarship award. He writes for LUMS Law & Politics Society and has a keen interest in the dynamics and efficacy of constitutional law.

Is Judicial Activism Undermining the Justice System in Pakistan?

Written by Asfand Yar Katchela 12:12 pm

Judicial activism can be defined as the exercise of legislative and judicial functions by the judicial branch, thereby compromising the doctrine of the separation of powers. One thing is for certain: judicial activism has not gone unnoticed by the people of Pakistan. Judicial activism in its very nature is pervasive and inequitable. The author, Asfand Yar Katchela, presents a compelling argument for restraining judicial activism by giving reference to significant case laws and the findings of his own survey.
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