Ayeza Areej

Ms Ayeza Areej is studying Strategic Studies at the National Defence University.

Fall of the Ottoman Empire & the Emergence of Nation States

Written by Ayeza Areej Zainab Haseeb 8:06 pm

To comprehend the fall of the Ottoman Empire, it is essential to examine not only the events that led to this significant shift but also those that followed the collapse. The authors provide a concise overview of the events preceding the empire’s fall, such as the Young Turk Revolution, the Balkan Wars, and WWI, among others. They also evaluate the various agreements and events that contributed to the emergence of nation-states and their international boundaries.
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The Football War of 1969

Written by Ayeza Areej 7:31 pm

There were a series of tensions and disagreements over territories and immigration that escalated to a conflict following a football match between El Salvador and Honduras. The Football War of 1969 was a hundred-hour war that resulted in the dissolution of the El Salvador–Honduras diplomatic ties and the deaths of over 3000 people from both countries.
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The Austro-Prussian War of 1866

Written by Ayeza Areej 12:20 pm

Lasting from 14th June to 22nd July of 1866, the Austro-Prussian War was a pivotal moment in European history, leading to the creation of a powerful German empire under William I. In this article, Ayeza Areej explores the alliances, battles, causes, and consequences of this historic conflict.
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The Conclusion of the Khmer Rouge Trials

Written by Ayeza Areej Raja Abdullah 8:47 pm

The ‘Khmer Rouge’ was a political group in Cambodia, which was also called the Kampuchea Communist Party. The Khmer Rouge led Cambodia from 1975 to 1979, coming into power on April 17, 1975. They used the tactics of guerilla warfare and ended up labeling the country as “Democratic Kampuchea”. The Extraordinary Chambers in the Court of Cambodia (ECCC), an international genocide tribunal, was set up to convict the three men responsible for the crimes of the regime. The ECCC upheld the conviction of the regime’s last surviving leader, Khieu Samphan, ending 16 years of hearings.
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The Foreign Policy of India: Mirroring the Strategies of Chanakya Kautilya

Written by Ayeza Areej 3:43 pm

To Ayeza Areej—and many others—the strategies of Chanakya Kautilya, an astute strategist of his time, seem to be reflected in India’s foreign policy. From Kautilya’s Arthashastra, an ancient Indian treatise, readers, too, might find there to be a strong resemblance between the two.
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