Hassan Nasir

Hassan Nasir works at British Council Pakistan. He completed his MS in Economics from Queen Mary University in London.

Is There a Link Between Education and Earnings in Pakistan?

Written by Hassan Nasir and Hamza Butt 10:32 pm

This paper examines the effect education has on the earnings of salaried people in Pakistan. The analysis confirms that education has a...

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The Impact of Remittances on Poverty in Pakistan

Written by Hassan Nasir, Hamid Haider Gilani and Hamza Butt 9:34 pm

Poverty in Pakistan is a matter of grave concern and significance. This paper examines the effects of remittances on poverty reduction in...

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An Introduction to Pakistan’s Public Sector

Written by Hassan Nasir 4:27 pm

The article discusses Pakistan's public sector and its various activities. It deliberates on the country's subsidies, regulatory bodies,...

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