Hassan Saeed Khan

Mr Hassan Saeed Khan is studying Economics and Political Science at LUMS. His primary interests lie in analyzing events through structural perspectives and deriving historical patterns.

Pelosi’s Taiwan Visit & the Worsening US-China Relations

Written by Hassan Saeed Khan 12:24 pm

Hassan Saeed Khan explains how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan was driven by both domestic and international politics. With inflation encircling the US, the Democratic Party views the protection of Taiwan’s freedom essential to its success in the midterm elections. However, even Taiwan is currently witnessing a political race between the pro-Taiwan party and the pro-Beijing party.
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Punjab By-elections, Article 63A & the Supreme Court

Written by Hassan Saeed Khan 6:48 pm

PTI won the by-elections in Punjab — but what really happened behind the scenes is a different matter. Hassan Saeed Khan reports how the judiciary’s varying interpretations of Article 63A have blurred the lines between the roles of each institution. These contradictory rulings have the potential to cause massive political turmoil.
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Biden Visits the Middle East

Written by Hassan Saeed Khan 6:30 pm

Last week, President Joe Biden made a series of visits to various political leaders in the Middle East. While this trip marked a diplomatic milestone in his tenure, being his first comprehensive visit to a region stained with American intervention and restructuring, Hassan Saeed Khan writes that the US was too absorbed in relieving itself of the oil crisis than resolving human rights violations.
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