Hurria Binte Abdullah

Ms Hurria Binte Abdullah is pursuing a BS in Public Administration from NUST.

Why Pakistan Refuses to Sign the NPT

Written by Hurria Binte Abdullah 12:40 pm

Of the nine nuclear-weapon states, only the P5 states have consented to be bound by the Non-Proliferation Treaty or the NPT. Pakistan, India, North Korea, and Israel are not parties to the treaty. In this piece, Hurria Binte Abdullah describes the three major reasons behind Pakistan’s resistance to the treaty. The first reason is mistrust and disappointment with the US as a strategic and security ally, the second is India’s non-acceptance of the NPT, and the third is the fact that there are inherent loopholes within the NPT itself that raise concerns about future commitments and effectiveness of the treaty.
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The Negative Impact of IMF’s Policies on the Economy of Pakistan

Written by Hurria Binte Abdullah 1:21 pm

Pakistan’s economy has constantly deteriorated since it started lending from the IMF.  It is a statement that’s debatable for many, but Hurria Binte Abdullah supports the statement. By elaborating on the neo-liberal structure of IMF’s economic policies, she opines that its tight monetary policy, tight fiscal policy, and market-based exchange rates are not practical for a developing country like Pakistan.
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