Javeria Saghir

Ms Javeria Saghir is a chemistry student from Lahore, Pakistan, and is an award-winning writer and poet with a passion for self-exploration. 

Pakistan’s Digital Diplomacy: The Foreign Office’s Role in Global Outreach

Written by Javeria Saghir 8:04 pm

Pakistan, an emerging nation with a tech-savvy population, has the potential to become a digital powerhouse internationally, and Pakistan’s Foreign Office is essential for nurturing the country’s digital agenda and interests. Various initiatives like the e-visa system, virtual dashboard, and diplomacy policy have been taken by the foreign office. Despite the progress made in digital diplomacy in Pakistan, there are still some major issues and difficulties that need to be addressed and resolved. Javeria Saghir believes that a detailed analysis of the challenges facing Pakistan’s e-diplomacy efforts, the impact of Pakistan’s digital diplomacy initiatives, and a comparison of Pakistan’s digital diplomacy with other digitally advanced countries are necessary to realize the country’s full potential.
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