Kashaf Imran

Miss Kashaf Imran is pursuing a Bachelor's in Public Administration from NUST.

Suisse Secrets: Disclosing Financial Information

Written by Kashaf Imran 12:20 pm

In this recent instalment of financial investigations, the Suisse Secrets has revealed the details of over 30,000 clients of Credit Suisse. Kashaf Imran lists some of the prominent people who have maintained accounts at this major Swiss bank.
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Examining the Water Crisis of Pakistan

Written by Kashaf Imran 6:02 pm

Water scarcity has become one of the most pressing matters in Pakistan. In 1990, Pakistan reached the water stress line and today, only 23% of its urban population and 14% of its rural population has access to safe drinking water. The author, Kashaf Imran, notes that on top of several other contributing factors, the mismanagement of water resources has prevented Pakistan from properly tackling its water crisis.
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Making a Case for Sustainable Urbanization in Pakistan

Written by Kashaf Imran 11:57 am

Urbanization creates a huge impact on technological innovation and economic growth. However, it can be both an opportunity and a challenge. The author, Kashaf Imran, recommends coordination with municipal governments and the incentivizing of investments.
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