Lyba Mobeen

Lyba Mobeen is currently pursuing her degree of BS-International Relations from Islamic University Islamabad.

Will India Revise its No First Use (NFU) Policy?

Written by Lyba Mobeen 8:30 pm

The No First Use (NFU) Policy, a very well-crafted and sought-out characteristic of the Indian nuclear doctrine, is on the verge of being revisited and modified by the current BJP government. Lyba Mobeen aims to scrutinize the prevailing sentiment among public officials, strategists, and policymakers regarding this policy change. She concludes that given the track record of the fascist and extremist Modi government since 2014, such a perilous and alarming policy amendment can be expected. Resultantly, another wave of an arms race and security dilemma will commence in the South Asian region.
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Pakistan’s Perpetual Crisis and Civil-military Relations (2008-2012)

Written by Lyba Mobeen 11:47 am

Dr. Nasreen Akhtar, the author of “Pakistan’s Perpetual Crisis and Civil-military Relations (2008-2012),” critically analyzes the relationship between the civilian governments and the military in Pakistan. She examines the history of Pakistan’s civil-military relations and explains how and why the state’s military became involved in the political sphere.
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All Eyes on the Republics of Central Asia’s Resources

Written by Khaulah Fatimah Ijaz, Lyba Mobeen, Maria Mehboob Zohra Asif 12:40 pm

The onset of the geopolitics of energy and resources in the international political system has redefined the regions’ importance in terms of the reservoirs of resources. Central Asia, in this respect, stands out with its abundant, unexplored, and top-notch natural resources. The paper highlights the factors behind the arousing interests of Pakistan, China, and the United States in the Central Asian republics. The future of Central Asia’s political, economic, and geostrategic landscape shall be determined by the member countries’ course of policies and actions towards Pakistan, China, and the United States.
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Blood And Oil: Mohammed bin Salman’s Ruthless Quest for Global Power

Written by Lyba Mobeen Maria Mehboob 11:47 am

In “Blood And Oil: Mohammed bin Salman’s Ruthless Quest for Global Power”, Bradley Hope and Justin Scheck tell the story of how Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed bin Salman rose to the position of the crown prince. The book provides a glimpse of the future Saudi king’s thought process, his vision for his country, and his approach towards the people he considers a threat to his plans and power.
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Dowry Deaths in India: A Harrowing Reality

Written by Lyba Mobeen 11:47 am

On average, 7 thousand women die in India each year due to dowry harassment. The dowry culture in India has penetrated every social stratum and is so deeply embedded in the societal structure that despite being declared illegal, it openly persists. The author, Lyba Mobeen, analyzed several cases of dowry deaths and harassment to explain how women in India are threatened, beaten, starved, and even murdered due to the greed of their husbands and in-laws. She argues that the continuation of dowry can be attributed to societal acceptance and India’s socio-economic and patriarchal structure. On top of that, since many Indian women are unaware of their rights under the Dowry Prohibition Act, they continue to suffer in silence.
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The Srebrenica Genocide During the Bosnian War

Written by Lyba Mobeen 12:57 pm

It’s been 26 years since the Bosnian War stole the lives of about 250,000 Bosniaks and displaced around 2.5 million people. The perpetrators of the Srebrenica Genocide were the Bosnian Serbs and Yugoslavs, aided by the international community’s passivity. The author reports the events that took place and the actors involved in the horrendous Bosnian Genocide.
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Why Were Residential Schools Created in Canada?

Written by Lyba Mobeen 12:17 pm

The article discusses the residential schools that were established to indoctrinate the children of the indigenous community of Canada. These children were forced to unlearn their native languages and cultures. There were about 150,000 indigenous children admitted in over 130 of Canada’s residential schools. The issue recently came to light after numerous unmarked graves were found near the site of the residential schools.
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The Civil War in Congo (1960-1965): The Roles of Belgium, the USA & the USSR

Written by Lyba Mobeen 11:47 am

In the first half of the 1960s, Congo had been involved in a devastating civil war, which not only resulted in hundreds of thousands of casualties but also laid the foundation for the continuous destruction and exploitation of the state. In her analysis of this crisis, the author, Lyba Mobeen, notes that the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo worsened due to the involvement of Belgium – the former colonizer of Congo– and the two superpowers of that time – the US and the USSR. She explains that, during the Cold War, a proxy war had started in Congo where each of these three states fought to achieve their interests, and played specific roles to bring it under their control.
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Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030: Expectations, Myths & Realities

Written by Lyba Mobeen 12:00 pm

The social, political, and economic landscape of Saudi Arabia is being dynamically reformed under Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s rule. Providing newfound freedom to women, limiting gender taboos, and promoting education and recreation, Saudi Arabia is rapidly moving towards modernism. In this paper, the author discusses the underlying factors driving these changes – with a focus on the aims and objectives of the ‘modern’ Vision 2030 program.
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