Malik Mashhood

Mr Malik Mashhood is a Political Science and Media Studies graduate from the Lahore School of Economics. He is currently a student of MPhil Development Studies. He is also working as a Research Assistant.

Pakistan’s Federal Budget Process: Unlocking Efficiency and Accountability

Written by Malik Mashhood 7:51 pm

Since Pakistan’s federal government has recently introduced the federal budget 2023-24, Malik Mashhood focuses on the flaws in Pakistan’s budget-making process and the necessary reforms required to correct it. In exploring the current system, he also directs our attention to the budget process in India and South Korea as a way to enhance the effectiveness and transparency of the process.
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Revisiting the Suffrage Movement in America and Britain

Written by Malik Mashhood 8:28 pm

In this article, Malik Mashhood explores the women’s ‘suffrage’ movement, which began in the 1800s in the United States, primarily demanding the right for women to vote. He compares the suffrage movements in America and Britain, while discussing contemporary women’s rights movements in the two jurisdictions.
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