Maryam Yasmeen

Maryam Yasmeen is a student of International Relations at Kinnaird College, Lahore. She has published multiple articles on various issues and topics related to global politics. She aims to achieve excellence as a writer, researcher, and academic in the field of International Relations and cyber security.

Nuclear Deterrence & the Stability Paradox

Written by Maryam Yasmeen 8:34 pm

The tragic event of Hiroshima and Nagasaki led to a military revolution, altering the chief purpose of the military from winning wars to averting them through deterrence. Deterrence is a strategy largely deployed to avert potential nuclear conflicts hence providing the safe contoured illusion of strategic stability. Maryam Yasmeen navigates theories, arguments, and case studies to understand nuclear deterrence and the paradox of stability that it creates.
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Postmodernism in International Relations

Written by Maryam Yasmeen 7:40 pm

Critical in nature and identified as a cultural movement against modernism, postmodernism rejects universal and definite truths, challenging reason itself. It views existence to be fragmented and irregular while condemning science and technology. Maryam Yasmeen unravels this complex theory and its application to the discipline of international relations.
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Operation Condor: US Interference in Latin America

Written by Maryam Yasmeen 9:01 pm

Maryam Yasmeen provides a comprehensive description of the Latin American post-war political culture. Latin America is a region with a history of constant foreign interference, particularly by the US. For instance, the US’s Operation Condor aimed to install military dictatorships in eight Latin American countries such as Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, among others.
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The Economic Crisis in Sri Lanka Explained

Written by Maryam Yasmeen 11:48 am

Amid the food, fuel, and medicine shortages in Sri Lanka, the island paradise broke out into protests which soon turned violent. For months, the situation in Sri Lanka has been spiraling out of control. Maryam Yasmeen takes a look at the triggering factors of the crisis that led to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s resignation. The 2022 Sri Lankan crisis is far more than just an economic matter. The state has been deeply influenced by political dysfunctionality, administrative negligence, ethnonationalism, and the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Why US Invaded Iraq: How Bush Destroyed a Nation

Written by Maryam Yasmeen 11:50 am

George W. Bush’s statement on May 19th, 2022 has once again brought the destruction of Iraq into the spotlight. For many, the former president’s remarks are his admission of guilt for the horrors and injustice caused by his decision to invade Iraq in 2003. Maryam Yasmeen examines the 2003 Iraq war and explains how the decision of one man led to the fall of an entire state.
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Eco-socialism Explained

Written by Maryam Yasmeen 6:21 pm

Due to the increasing number of ecological disasters, capitalism is now facing stiffer resistance from the green leftists, primarily the supporters of eco-socialism. The ecological socialists are now raising their voices, demanding a radical shift in the economic attitudes and a change in the system to counter climate change. The author, Maryam Yasmeen, explains the origin of eco-socialism and its importance through a critique of the free market economies.
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