Muhammad Azam Khan

Muhammad Azam Khan is an electronics engineer by profession and did his bachelor's from the Usman Institute of Technology. He is a freelance graphic designer and independent blogger who mostly writes on current affairs and women's issues. He has a keen interest in national and international politics.

The Challenges of Conducting Pakistan’s 2023 Digital Census

Written by Muhammad Azam Khan 8:22 pm

In this piece, Muhammad Azam Khan speaks from his experience as an enumerator for the first-ever digital population and housing census in Pakistan. He observes that the use of geo-tagging and real-time data collection intends to address past issues of exclusion and inaccurate counts. However, to him, challenges have arisen, particularly in Karachi, such as technical malfunctions, lack of security, delayed allowances, and low public awareness. These hurdles need to be addressed for a successful and accurate census process.
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The Changing Climate of Pakistan & India: From Floods to Heatwaves

Written by Muhammad Azam Khan 11:57 am

Muhammad Azam Khan draws attention to the climatic catastrophe in Pakistan and India. While the two states are divided by borders, they’re united by the similar impact of the changing climate on their territories and populations. The rise in global temperatures has led the two neighbors to experience severe droughts, floods, heatwaves, and water shortages.
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The Evolution of US Ammunition and Arms

Written by Muhammad Azam Khan 11:49 am

Muhammad Azam Khan correlates the rise of America and its ammunition export to other countries. He explains the evolution of America’s arms sales and draws connections on how America bolstered its economy after recessions through increasing ordnance factories.
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