Muhammad Tayyab

Muhammad Tayyab is an engineering student at PIEAS, Islamabad. He has taken many online courses from well-reputed international universities around the world, including Harvard and Yale.

Breaking the Impasse Initiative: A Solution to the Israel-Palestine Conflict?

Written by Muhammad Tayyab 12:59 pm

The economic power corporations come with significant political influence as well, enabling businesses to contribute to conflict resolution processes. The author, Muhammad Tayyab, notes that the Consultative Business Movement (CBM) in South Africa, which played a notable role in ending the apartheid regime, serves as a model for the business community in other states. He explains that the Breaking the Impasse (BTI) initiative is trying to play a role similar to CBM in the Israel-Palestine conflict. As a result, the business community in the conflict zone has undertaken several projects aimed at bringing together the Israelis and Palestinians to improve their ties and living conditions. Yet, despite these projects, BTI is not on par with CBM and lacks the support and political power necessary to resolve the conflict.
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