Rubab Nawaz

Rubab Nawaz is a final year bachelor's student currently studying at National Defense University (NDU), Pakistan in the Department of International Relations.

Iran: A Common Enemy of Israel and the Arab Countries

Written by Rubab Nawaz Kanza Tahir 5:30 pm

The relations of the Arab states, namely Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, and Oman, with Israel have always been based upon what they perceive as a threat and what benefits them. The authors, Rubab Nawaz and Kanza Tahir, explain that initially, these Arab states viewed Israel as the enemy but now, they’ve started to align themselves with it to counter the threat of a Shi’ite and nuclear Iran. This threat has been securitized to gain legitimacy from the masses. For the sake of this Arab-Israel alliance, the Gulf states seem to have sidelined the issue of Palestine.
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