Samrah Aslam

Samrah Aslam is a defence strategist holding an M.Phil Degree in Defence and Strategic Studies from Quaid i Azam University.

China in the Indian Ocean: India’s Dilemma

Written by Samrah Aslam 10:47 am

The seas and oceans are the great highways and sea zones are considered to be the new war zones because of the increasing significance of Sea Lines of Communication (SLOCs). China’s increasing maritime interests in the Indian Ocean and the strategies opted by China to gain that command on the sea, especially in the Indian Ocean are creating a security paradox and competition in the Indian Ocean mainly because of the strategic connotation of important choke points.
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Regionalism in South Asia: An Idle Notion

Written by Samrah Aslam 1:32 pm

Regionalism in South Asia has become more of a concept and less of a reality. The presence of rivalries and conflicts has ensured the failure of regional integration.
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The Indian Hegemony in South Asia

Written by Samrah Aslam 10:47 am

India’s national interests are pushing it to achieve hegemony in South Asia, forcing neighboring states to counter India’s influence and power.
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