Shuraim Ahmad Malik

Mr Shuraim Ahmad Malik is an independent political researcher from Islamabad. He writes on national and international political issues, governance and public policy conundrums, and pernicious climate change patterns.

The Youth’s New Role in Pakistan’s Politics

Written by Shuraim Ahmad Malik 7:03 pm

Do the youth now have political clout in Pakistan? If the results of the 2018 general elections are anything to go by, then absolutely. Shuraim Ahmad Malik sees the youth making strong headway in the political arena, which has long been controlled by dynastic politicians. It now seems that the political party that inspires the youth will be the one to stand victorious in the upcoming 2023 general elections in Pakistan.
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Girls’ Education under Taliban

Written by Shuraim Ahmad Malik 6:38 pm

In this opinion piece, Shuraim Ahmad Malik stresses the need for girls’ education in Afghanistan. He discusses the reasons that have led to Afghan girls and women being deprived of this fundamental right, before concluding with possible solutions that the Taliban and the international community can take.
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