Syed Fraz Hussain Naqvi

He is a Ph.D. scholar at SPIR, QAU. Currently, he is in charge of the Iran Program at the Institute of Regional Studies, Islamabad. He has published over 3 dozen research papers, essays, and analytical pieces in renowned national and international journals, magazines, and news websites. He has also been interviewed by BBC, VOA, PTV, and other news channels. Mr. Naqvi regularly delivers guest lectures, and seminar talks and presents conference papers, both nationally and internationally, including in Iran and Russia. 

Pak-Iran Border Escalation: Causes and Consequences

Written by Syed Fraz Hussain Naqvi 6:29 pm

The Iranian attack on Pakistan took place during a period of positive relations between the two countries. It came as a surprise, given the ongoing high-profile engagements between Pakistan and Iran. Mr. Syed Fraz Hussain Naqvi surmises that possible reasons for the Iranian attack include retaliation against terrorist outfits, reaffirming deterrence at a regional level, and concerns about Pakistan joining a US-led naval coalition. The escalation has since dialed down, and both countries have agreed to send their ambassadors to each other’s countries.
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